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Industry interview: Badlands + Co

Badlands + Co - Florist With years of experience and a heart full of passion, Kimberley made the courageous leap to start her own florist business. Badlands + Co was born in 2014 and loves to take their clients on a creative journey. Kimberley is grateful that...

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Industry interview: White Poppy Lane

Creating luxe pop up weddings in unique and stunning locations across Victoria What happens when a stylist and marriage celebrant catch up over a glass of bubbles? Lots of laughter and a fresh wedding concept! Kate Adkins and Megan Watson bonded over their love of...

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Industry interview: Brentwood Duo

When Isla asked her brother Finley to step in at the last minute as a guitarist for a gig, neither one realised this would be the start of an incredible music journey. Brentwood Duo is the combination of talented brother and sister (Fin and Isla), who create evocative acoustic arrangements.

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Why vintage weddings are here to stay!

Vintage can also mean having beautiful personal touches of the past scattered throughout your ceremony or reception decor. Photographs of the bride and groom as they grew up hanging from gold ornate photo frames or even wedding photos of your parents and grandparents displayed beautifully on your gift table is a lovely vintage touch.

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Top 5 hens party themes trending in 2016

So your friend’s man finally decided to put a ring on it? Awesome! You now get to plan the hens party that you’ve always dreamed about. Planning a final fling before the ring can be #somuchfun. There are lots of delightful themes that you can choose from to make it a...

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Industry interview: Cake Ink.

Melbourne-based boutique studio specialising in cakes and stationery When it comes to cake and stationary, you are not going to find better than Cake Ink. Their work is instantly recognisable and chances are that if you've ever pinned an image of a cake or taken a...

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Industry interview: Madeline Druce Photography

Madeline Druce knew from a young age that she would be a photographer. She has always been intrigued with storing telling and the way a camera allowed her to create a visual narrative. There was no rush to start a business though, just time to travel and explore the...

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10 Unique Melbourne Hens Party Ideas

Plus a BONUS how-to guide to deliver a winning wedding speech. GRAB IT NOW! One of the greatest delights as a bridesmaid is planning a hens party. Male strip shows are so tacky and unless it's Channing Tatum ripping his gear off, then you won't be impressed and...

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Industry interview: Something Wonderful Happened

Helping mothers create enchanting, bespoke events for themselves and their little ones. Something Wonderful Happened is a bespoke event planning and styling business in Melbourne. Their dreamy parties are absolutely mesmerizing, however it’s the passion and creativity...

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The secret life of kids parties

Two lovely mothers spill the beans and generously share their amazing party ideas. Gone are the days when kids parties were all about over-buttered fairy bread, burnt party pies and fountains of red cordial. Just when you have barely survived engagement parties and...

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5 must-read wedding speech tips

So you've been given the frightening task of delivering a speech at a wedding. Yes it is an absolute honour but of course the thought of it scares the heebee jeebees out of you and makes your stomach flip. It's hard but you're just going to have to suck it up and put...

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